Why does the WiFi Link have to talk back to the LightWaveRF server?

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    Anne Tuen

    I have only just joined in on this whole automation and although I did read the glossy web pages, the fact that the WiFi Link box has to chat with some server out there in cyberspace to turn things on and off did come as a bit of a shock – as this little fact did not jump out as me a pre-rewquisite.

    Call me anal if you like, but as a professional computer system integration architect, I was hoping to actually be 100% in control of my automated environment, so if I want to turn off my ISP connection, I could and not worry about facilities because not as they were earlier.

    Have I missed a small fact somewhere or the WiFi link really need to communicate with some server out ‘there’ every time I press a button on mu iPad, which a) if connected via my WiFi and b) is in the same house of the Link box?

    Just seems a bit backwards to me – I for one would prefer a web backend or API I could use on the WiFi box internal, without needing am ISP connection being up.

    I know there is a API available if I sign a NDA but seems a lot of trouble to tinker with kit I own (after all, it is mine, its not on lease or anything).

    January 10, 2013 at 22:11 #3872

    Hi Anne

    Welcome to the forum. If you have an iPad, you don’t need to worry too much, iOS devices do communicate directly with the Wi-Fi link when on the same network. Android devices running the official app do not. The cloud servers are used by iOS devices when in roaming mode and there are several unofficial apps in the Google play store which do communicate directly. The unofficial apps were made possible by some clever people decoding the UDP protocol used by the official iOS app. Search the forum and you will find more details. People have taken details of the protocol and written it into a number of third party technologies but since it is all unofficial, it could be fairly trivial for the system designers to change it by sending out firmware updates in sync with releasing new apps, but the protocol has been out in the wild for some time and they haven’t broken it yet so I wouldn’t worry too much.


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