Turning devices into smart devices

  • August 17, 2017 at 14:40 #23983


    It would be great to have better guidance on how to turn devices into smart devices with your products. For example can you turn ovens into smart devices using a relay?

    Also it would be good to think of more use cases for your products. eg motion sensors for outdoor lights as well as say the toilet in the middle of the night:)


    August 17, 2017 at 16:00 #23984

    To quote the forum

    “The LightwaveRF Community forum is an unofficial forum for the purposes of discussing the LightwaveRF and other home automation technologies”

    Lightwaverf app and Hub simply turn devices off an on. Create simple timed events and group devices together to be treated a single device . Mood switches and motion sensor simply connect to other devices to turn them on or off when triggered.

    Currently only the heating devices are two way. This will change in October when version 2 arrives, this will allow two way communications so you will know the state of a device, then Lightwaverf will be truly smart system.

    If you search the forum , various people including myself have extended lightwaverf to interact with other products to add additional features not available with the official apps.

    If you want to achieve a particular set of results, ask maybe some here has already done it. Official Case studies you will need to speak with Lightwaverf directly.

    Hope this ramble helps

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