Outdoor lights?

  • October 17, 2017 at 00:38 #24277

    Finally got the keys to my new house! Entire place is due a refurb. Perfect time to fit Lightwave.

    Question though… I’m wanting to fit some lights to the front of the property, either side of the front door.
    Plan is to get a three gang two way switch, one for the downstairs hallway, one for the upstairs landing and one for the external front door lights.
    Will it be okay to run external lights on internal switches? And will it be okay to run them on a threeway two gang switch with the above internal lights?

    I’m having some patio doors fitted at the back to open up on a patio. I’m not 100% yet, but I’m thinking of some external lighting, either side of the patio door.
    However, what I do want is to have a ‘floodlight’ in the back garden, if I’m ever out with friends or whatever on a night. The option of them being dimmable sounds great too. Am I likely to run in to issues with this? And (I’m a complete novice with electricals), would I be able to wire up both the door lights and floodlight to a 1 gang 1 way switch? Or would I be better getting a 2 gang 1 way switch?

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