Multi input output device

  • April 5, 2016 at 08:28 #21410

    I don’t suppose there is such a thing in the pipeline that will accept maybe 6 on/off inputs and maybe an odd analogue one too. Also useful would be several dry contacts from a couple of relays.

    To put 6 lightwave magnetic switches on all the openable windows in the bedroom for example would be expensive where as 6 burglar alarm reed switches with thin cable running back to the box mounted down on the skirting board would surely be much less expensive. The relay could then control a linear actuator to open or close a window depending on temperature, time of day, room occupancy and burglar alarm status.

    Simple to implement I suppose with an Arduino and 433 MHz TxR, (or esp8266) maybe something to play with once I’ve finished building my arduino weather station!

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