Link fails to reconnect after power cut.

  • September 16, 2016 at 14:27 #21913

    Where I live I have a lot of power cuts. Every time it happens and the power is restored, the internet router takes time to reconnect to the ISP.
    Meanwhile the Link unit is trying to connect.
    The router takes anything up to 5 mins before it connects, once it connects to the ISP the Link unit keeps on flashing and does not connect.

    Only solution is to switch off the Link unit and restart it, everything is then fine.
    THIS is OK if one is in the house, but if away, NO control.

    I now have now a small unit that when the power is restored to the house, the link power supply is stopped for around 6-10 mins giving the router time to connect to the ISP, after that 6-10 mins the power is restored to the Link unit which now connects every time.

    So no more worries about being away.
    Thought I would share this with you all.

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