Lightwaverf relay on timer

  • August 12, 2016 at 15:16 #21822

    Hi I have a Lightwaverf rf relay installed on my outside lights and have the app installed on my iPhone , I’ve set up timers for a few items I have and they all function great but the timer on the outside lights seem to turn off quite a lot earlier that what the timer is set for , even if I change the timer for a longer period it still turns off early I’m stuck and have no idea on how to solve this
    Thanks col

    August 12, 2016 at 22:35 #21823

    If you are referring to absolute times then these should work perfectly. There are to reasons they may not, firstly that your time zone is set incorrectly, and secondly that interference or whatever means the signal didn’t get through and because there is no handshake the wifi link doesn’t know the command has failed. I use a backup timer a minute later to help counter this risk. Also when you set up a timer it is worth manually forcing a server sync from the app. Also if you are using the app on multiple devices, use one as the master to set things up and then make sure you log the other devices off an on again manually so they get the latest server info (there is or at least was an app bug where if left auto logged in it didn’t refresh and gag can leave you trying to set up the same thing from a second device which can really messs things up!

    If you are using dawn and dusk, then a lot has been written about this on these forums.
    1. As well as time zone make sure your location is correctly set on the app as this defines sunset and sunrise times
    2. Unless this has been fixed recently, dawn and dusk are sunrise and sunset, not the civil or nautical definitions of dawn and dusk which are earlier and later than sunrise and sunset respectively
    3. The time shown in the app when you set a dawn or dusk timer is spurious

    One other thing that never really got pinned down that it used to be the case that it seemed to take 24 hours for a timer to start working properly, though this issue may have gone away now with app and server side changes

    Hope that helps (I run multiple guest house external lighting circuits with several relays and dusk on/ midnight off timers no problem)

    August 12, 2016 at 22:43 #21824

    Also re reading your post, it may be you are using the hardware timer of the relay or the delay feature between event actions in the app. If you are doing either of these suggest you don’t and define explicit on and off events and timers in the app

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