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    I’m using the lightwaverf gear to establish a custom control system for my home. I’ve successfully got my web system controlling receiver based devices (switches, sockets etc etc) but i’m stuck at capturing the status of the transmitter based devices (PIR, dusk to dawn, window switch etc). Thinking these use the same 433Mhz carrier, is it likely i could use a RFXcomm 433 to listen and ask as a virtual paring node, so i can get status? Assuming i can send using the RFXcomm too, i could then do away with the wifi link.



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    It does not truly replace a system where the device is actually polled and responds with its actual status

    Would work BUT you are assuming that the computer receives the remotes signal AND that the end unit receives and responds to the signal from your computer.  It will also slow it down a bit – the latency in homeseer is quite high compared to the remotes.



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    I was thinking of doing something similar, but using the wifilink and RFXcom in parallel.  RFXcom would allow much more sophisticated use of PIRs and mood switches, and would also allow the RFXcom to act as a repeater so that the wifilink sends a signal and then the RFXcom sends it a second time to make sure.  For example, I have some mood switches on my staircase that are just too far away from the lights they need to control.  If I have the RFXcom half way up the stairs, that would solve the problem.

    In addition, I would be able to keep track of the status of devices more accurately so I can display status on my iPad.  The only problem is that use of the standard LWRF switches wouldn’t get picked up.  Can’t think of a way round that…

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