G9 LED recommendations please?

  • January 27, 2017 at 12:05 #23029

    Hi there,

    I have just replaced 10 x GU10 50w halogen bulbs in two light fittings in the kitchen & storeroom (6 & 4 bulbs respectively) after having yet another bulb blowing. I noticed even after only being on for seconds they were too hot to touch.

    I replaced these with 6.3w LED dimmable bulbs and went from 500w down to 63w of cool running bulbs and brighter lights to boot. Fantastic!

    Bitten by the bug and spurred on by this success I looked to replace 6 x G9 40w halogen in the living room with their LED equivalent.

    I purchased some 4w LED replacements from a local electrical supplier and eagerly removed the G9’s from the fitting.

    As soon as I plugged in the first LED it lit up even though the switch was off…the surprise nearly knocked me off the step ladder! As I plugged in the remaining 5 they got dimmer and dimmer but were still lit even after all 6 were replaced. I toggled the switch a few times to no avail.

    I guess they are picking up the small residual current the LWRF dimmer takes to power itself and passes on to the light. Not enough to upset the G9’s but enough to power the LED’s.

    Does anybody here have any recommendations for working G9 LED equivalents please?

    I would not want to lower the current maximum light output so would be looking for a 40w equivalent or the brightest possible…I can always dim if too bright! 🙂

    I see many claims from LED manufacturers where for example they state their product is equivalent to ?w or ?lumens but these vary wildly in their estimates.

    So in a nutshell I am looking for the dimmable LED equivalent for 40w G9 halogens that are LWRF compatible.

    Any suggestions please?

    Thanks & kind regards,

    January 29, 2017 at 14:11 #23069

    Well I can tell you the 5-7w LEDS I purchased from Amazon DON’T work!


    Like the last ones I tried from a local supplier they glow even when the switch is turned off due to the design of the electronics that sip power from the live and pass it back to the fitting. Not enough to power ordinary bulbs but enough to cause LEDS to glow permanently.

    I could leave a single G9 in the 6-bulb fitting but my OCD prevents me from doing that! 🙂

    Although the description doesn’t mention dimmable the seller states they are in an answer to a question further down the page.

    Thought it might help somebody from treading the same path…


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