Eh?! Weird goings on Relays operating without instruction

  • October 21, 2018 at 11:46 #25434

    I’ve had LWRF for 5+ years.
    Use inline relays to control heating, blinds, and electric gates.
    Integrated with IFTTT for google assistant integration

    Nothing has changed for 6+ months.

    Been away for a couple of days, and between 11pm and midnight, the gates opened (reported by the neighbours). Both nights. (I closed remotely) When I got back, the relay for gates was “on”. The only event for the gates is “go on for 3 seconds then stop”. So there is no way an event or timer can leave the relay in the on position.

    In addition, the relay is not linked to ANYTHING else apart from LWRF link, ,so not any remote control.

    IFTTT logs shows no activity. And I know the phone app wasn’t used.


    October 22, 2018 at 08:25 #25438

    Power cycled LWRF Link.
    Reset relay back to defaults and re-paired LWRF link
    Changed password

    Gates stayed closed last night.


    So gates been OK for 6mths, then open by themselves on two consecutive nights, then the above stopped it on the 3rd night.

    (And no, we don’t live in fort knox and its a break in attempt!!)

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