Can Device inputs be Read

  • September 7, 2018 at 16:38 #25382
    michael ward

    So at the moment I have a variety of devices for controlling switches as switches themselves.
    Magnetic reed switch sensors, Day/Night Sensor and PIR

    What I want to do is stop false triggers from the Day/Night sensor, by allotting a time period for that switch to be active.
    Now I can set the lux level easily enough, but during the day, the lux level can drop below the preset level and turn the lights on, particularly as it gets towards the darker months. Heavy rain clouds will reduce the light level and either at the start of the day or later in the day the light level can be poor to start with.
    Sometimes false triggers will happen where a light comes on then turns off again as a cloud reduces the light level. Not great for saving power is it.

    I also would like to use these input sensors for an assortment of purposes, not the least being a feedback system to determine if a device is on or off. Ideally I could do with current clamps which could be made with the help of the magnetic reed switches.

    The problem is how can I, in as simple a way as possible, read whether the devices have been triggered or not. If I could do this, then I could utilise various IFTTT apps to set up triggers as well as set a timer in LightwaveRF to only accept input from a sensor between certain times.

    In the case of a light sensor. If time is off don’t accept input, if time is on and trigger, then turn on a light.

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