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    Wonder if you can help me choose the right Lightwave pieces for what I need :

    I have an office at the bottom of my garden and would like to remotely control the lights from the house (as I always forget to turn them off when I leave!). The house is approx 20m from the office. I’d also like to control the lights using my iPhone (just for the hell of it!)

    In the office I have :

    1 x two gang switch – 1 circuit controls 8 x dimable LED lights – (not sure of the wattage but hoping as there are 8 they’ll be over 15w together). The second circuit controls 4 x LV downlighters outside which are also on a wired PIR sensor.

    1 x single gang switch – which controls a single flood light behind the office.

    An uplighter which plugs into a standard 13a socket.

    As for control, as well as the iPhone app, I’d like to control the lights from both a remote control I would keep on my desk and from a second lightswitch mounted to the wall.

    I am fairly sure I know what I need to order, but am confused on the remote control. I can’t see a remote (battery operated) light switch on the site and am not sure which remote control would suit me best.

    Finally I have a question about the wifi link. I assume that plugs into my network and receives a remote command from the iPhone via the network (using the WLAN created by my wireless router)? Does it then control the lights via RF? If that’s correct, and i expanded my LightwaveRF system into the house, would I have to have a wifi link in my office and my house?

    Hope this makes sense!

    Any help much appreciated.

    Kind regards,


    July 29, 2011 at 16:28 #950

    hi there

    firstly – you are correct about the wifi link. In terms of expanding into the house – you may find that one wifilink will control the house and the office – the radio range is quite good on that device. If not, you can have 2 wifi links to extend the range and put one in the house and one in the office.

    In terms of a lightswitch transmitter to control other devices, use a mood controller (master wall switch) which will transmit to and control as many devices as you want (and allow for mood lighting).

    for the remote- you can use a handheld remote or a mood remote (depending on whether you want to do mainly on/off or groups of devices).

    August 3, 2011 at 09:25 #954

    I’d recommend the Mood Remote over the hand helds as soon you’ll be able to use it to trigger sequences, i.e, a nightime sequence which switches off all the lights in your office at once.

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