Brushed stainless slaves for sale

  • August 9, 2017 at 12:01 #23941

    I’ve got various slave dimmers for sale… the result of sparky specifying (lots!) of wrong bits… I ordered them, he unboxed them.. and then realised they were wrong :O(

    Thus selling them here and not sending them back for a refund! They were purchased from in May, all have been out of their boxes. Some of them are in the right boxes, some of them are in boxes but not the right boxes (cos he chucked some away in the skip!). All have the batteries and the insert leaflets with them (I would say instructions but they aren’t, all the instructions are online these days)

    What I’ve got…

    2 x LW450SS – ie single, 2-way (slave) dimmers… £35+ new… £25each
    3 x LW452SS – ie dual, 2-way (slave) dimmers – £66+ new… £40 each
    3 x LW440SS – ie quad 2-way (slave) dimmers – £120+ new… £75 each

    Or £350 for the lot.

    Delivery… free if buying it all., otherwise we can work it out depending how much you buy but I would do it at cost anyway.


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