Another GU10 compatibility (gen 1 LW) super warm – amazon link needed pls

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    Hi guys,

    I have a single, generation 1 lightwave dimmer controlling a bathroom – with an extractor fan and 4 x GU10 downlights. Need to change to the warmest possible, min 2700k and 50w equivalent output.

    I know there’s a bulb compatibility list on the LW website which mainly recommends Megaman bulbs, since these are hideously expensive, I wanted to know if any others will work.

    I was about to order these: TCP Spotlight GU10 LED Light Bulbs 5 W = 50 W Equivalent 240 v 2700K Warm White, Pack of 6 [Energy Class A+] but unsure if they will work.

    Does my extractor fan play into the compatibility issue? All works fine on the current halogens.

    Amazon link if possible pls.



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    The link you provided says those bulbs are non-dimmable, so I’d guess they won’t work.


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    Hi thanks for your reply,

    ok I see that now on the image, but not in the product description. Thanks!

    Can anyone recommend LED’s they know have worked.?

    Must be 2700k


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    I had problems with some “recommended” Megaman units which never fully went off.
    Replaced them on a punt with these from Screwfix and was pleasantly surprised that they cured the problem and work fine.
    Not the lowest dimming level compared to halogens, but that’s LEDs for you in general I think.

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    Ah thank you very much for the link and recommendation!

    Geez 15 quid! But I think I’ll give those a go.

    A limited range of dimming is fine for the room i need to do, as it’s a bathroom.

    Thanks again!

    If anyone else has had ‘real’ experience of what works (and recent experience too) it would be great too.

    I emailed Lightwave and they just said Aurora bulbs.


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    I thought the price wasn’t too bad actually. £3 a unit was cheaper than the rubbish Megaman units I had previously.

    And a further update – I also had bought 10 Megaman units for my kitchen as well as the units above which were for my landing corridor. These didn’t suffer from dimming issues which I put down to the fact that there were 10 of them, rather than 4 in above scenario.

    However, four of them have now failed within weeks of each other and all less than 18 months usage! Very poor, and will never use Megaman again now. Went and got another 5 pack of the Screwfix units.

    EDIT: PS, No affiliation with Screwfix, just saw it looks rather pushy!
    Just wanted to share my experience, as I know it’s VERY difficult finding good info on this topic. Any other feedback you get would be welcome all round I think.

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    Many of the dimmable GU10s from LEDhut work well with the gen 1 dimmers. I have just two lamps on a dimmer that work but I bought these a while ago and they’ve now been discontinued. I’d suggest you give these a go if you are using four on one dimmer: If they don’t work you can return them.
    All that said, the issue could be with the fan. I think these have compatibility problems with most dimmers.

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    miken – didn’t see that was a 5-pack! Ok that’s a really good price. The lumens are a bit low for me in this case. But great to know they work.

    markk – thanks for posting yours LEDHut link, will have a look at those now.

    cheers guys

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