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    Hi everyone. I have quite a few sockets and light switches in the Lightwaverf range but need to up my game.

    I’ve recently had a storage area in my car port broken into a couple of times.

    I’ve had enough of it and wanted to look into setting something up to prevent this.

    I’m thinking getting the LightwaveRF door sensors but I’m not sure what to get then. Is there something I can do to get the door sensor to set off something to alert me when the door is opened?

    I don’t have enough skill to be programming things like raspberry pies so it need s to be something fairly basic.

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    If you read security advice, the things they recommend is lighting that reacts eg PIR, making it difficult, eg strong locks, and CCTV
    You could either put an outside light programmed on a dusk till dawn timer, or on a PIR
    LWRF do a PIR but it is not designed for outside, so if you wanted to go that way you would need to protect the PIR
    There are better options to give you feedback on when something happens than LWRF eg CCTV over internet

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    Thank you for your response.

    I currently have PIR responsive lighting, strong locks and CCTV and the little toerags still broke in and caused damage (thankfully not taking anything this time).

    I wondered if it would be possible to have a lightwaverf magnetic sensor set off an alarm in my property when the doors are opened to alert me. The cameras can be set up to send me an e-mail when they sense movement but when set, they send emails everytime a moth flys past, and the alert isn’t going to be enough to alert me.

    Maybe something like

    Magnetic sensor tripped
    Kitchen, hallway, bathroom lights switch on (make it appear someone has been awoken) – I’m sure I could get this done quite easily
    Bedroom lights come on, go off, come on a couple of times – With a bit of work, I could set this up
    Alert sent to my phone (maybe set off alarm on my phone) – This bit is out of my set of capabilities

    September 13, 2017 at 23:30 #24073

    …I wondered if it would be possible to have a lightwaverf magnetic sensor set off an alarm in my property when the doors are opened to alert me…

    You could pair a LightwaveRF magnetic switch to several of your existing dimmer switches and a 13a socket which has a 240v burglar alarm/fire alarm sounder plugged into it. Of course, if the magnetic switch is on the door of your storage area, there is still going to be damage to the door and lock before the switch is activated.

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