Lamp Compatibility Guide

The ultimate compatibility guide for dimmable LED’s and CFL’s and the LightwaveRF dimmers. The following table lists LED’s and CFL’s that have been tested by members of the community and the results. This is a community driven list and your milage with different lamps may vary.

The columns have the following meaning:

Name, Retailer and Link.

Hopefully self explanatory.


Whether the lamp tested is LED or CFL. If LED, whether it uses SMD’s (surface mounted LED’s) or discrete LED chips.


The fitting of the lamp. Examples: GU10, MR16, B22, ES (E27), SES (E14), etc

Stated Wattage.

The wattage claimed by the retailer. Note, this is not a good guide to brightness, but important when minimum loadings need to be considered.

Stated Lumens.

Wattage for non-incandescent lamps is not a good guide to brightness. Lumens is better.

Minimum Lamps.

The minimum number of lamps required on the circuit to make it work as expected. Subtle differences in manufacturing of the lamps and dimmers may mean you require more or less, but it should be a good guide as to whether 1, 2 or 20 lamps is required to stop the circuit misbehaving.

Tested With.

Important as the wall dimmers are trailing edge and the plug-in ones are leading edge. Different lamps prefer different dimmers.

Tested By, Tested When.

Should be self explanatory.


Most important of all. Did this tested configuration work? If not, what happened?

LampRetailerPrice (£)LinkTechnologyFittingStated WattageStated LumensMinimum lampsTested WithTested ByTested WhenWorks?
4 Watt GU10 LED Bulb - Wide Beam Angle (50 Watt Replacement)LED Hut7.38LinkLED (SMD)GU104W320 Lumens2Wall DimmerChrisYes
4.2W Dimmable Deluxe Biard LED Spotlight Bulb GU10 Base Equivalent To 50W 91% Energy SavingBeam LED11.99LinkLEDGU104.2W320 Lumens4Wall DimmerMattaturkJanuary 2013Yes
Varilight DigiFlux® Energy Saver+ Spiral Compact Fluorescent Lamp BC 20WScrewfix9.49LinkCFLBC20W1600 Lumens1Wall DimmerNayJanuary 2013Yes
LightwaveRF Compatible Next Generation 60 Watt Equivalent GU10 LED BulbLED Hut9.75LinkLED (SMD)GU104.5W360 Lumens1Wall DimmerChrisMarch 2013Yes
*New* 5 Watt GU10 LED Bulb – Wide Beam Angle – 460 LumensLED Hut11.08LinkLED (SMD)GU105W460 Lumens2Wall DimmerCoxy, Digital-Plumber, @justy101April 2013Yes