Fourth LightwaveRF Dimmer and Good News on LEDs

I have just fitted my fourth Lightwave RF dimmer.  This time in the living room and on the same fitting as the one I have recently replaced with LED lamps.  The dimmer works fine as I would expect and is actually much better than the home easy dimmer it replaced.  The LED lamps dim much lower than they did with the  home easy dimmer.  I recently robbed an LED out of the fitting to demo it to a friend, while I was fiddling, I put this LED back in.  The even better news is that the Lightwave RF Dimmer was quite happy with just TWO 4W lamps installed (the home easy one complained about having four hence the need to keep a Halogen in the fitting).  One wasn’t enough (the lamp illuminated due to the current being grounded by the dimmer) but two were fine.  I will now seek to replace the last remaining halogen as soon as I can.

This also means I can put a Lightwave RF dimmer in the hall where I have just a two-way GU10 fitting safe in the knowledge that it will work fine with just two 4W LED’s fitted.

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